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What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a set of methods and tools used to promote various products and services of a particular online business website through the internet. It includes a wide variety of marketing channels that spread the knowledge regarding a specific company’s brand, products or services to its possible customers.

The standard methods and techniques utilized in this type of marketing include social media, email, search engine optimization, display advertising and more. The primary objective of marketing to reach possible customers through active channels where customers usually spend time like reading, shopping, socializing online and searching.

Before traditional marketing involves making mediums like billboards, television and radio advertisements, print ads which consume too much cost and the conversion are not controlled. Today, most of the online business regardless of the size deal with internet marketing by creating a website and making campaigns at a cost-effective amount.

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What are the benefits of Online Marketing?

Nowadays, most of the people spend their time browsing social media, shopping, and research on the internet. As an online business owner, it is an excellent opportunity to promote your products or service in places on the Internet people spend most of their time. If you want to improve your services or products on the internet, Online Marketing can help you. What are the possible benefits of this type of marketing?

1. Convenience

Through internet marketing, you don’t have to build thousands of branches around the world for people to know your brand and your products. Through our advertisements online, we can promote your product locally and internationally.

2. Cost

Promoting your products online is less expensive than the traditional way of advertising. No need to do banners, rent a space, purchase stocks to market your products. In this type of marketing, you don’t need to draw a significant amount of funds except when stocks are in demand.

3. Personalization

Through this type of marketing, you can do personalize promotion to your customers. By tracking your website web pages and products, you can determine which products are mainly visited. Through identifying the interest of your visitors or customers, you can plan your ads and increase your conversions significantly.

4. Relationships

Through fast response to your buyers, you can start building trust and loyalty to your buyers. Through emailing your customers regularly, you can maintain the relationship between you and the buyers. You can also ask your customers to do a product review which can help in advertising your products in potential buyers.

5. Social

In internet marketing, it enables your products and services available 24 hours. You don’t need to worry about store opening hours. People prefer shopping online because it offers convenience and its less hassle. Even you’re asleep, and customers can place orders at whatever time they want.

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What are the types of Online Marketing?

There are primarily seven main types of internet marketing;

a) Social Media Marketing

It is a type of marketing where advertisements are places in various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. In Social Media Marketing, there are recognized in two categories which are organic and paid advertisements.

b) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a process where websites or digital content are optimized to make traffic which eventually turns into conversion. Through proper use and placements of keywords, Google can place your site on top results every time a user searches your keyword. There are two sides of SEO, the On-Page and the Off-Page.

c) Content Marketing

It is a process of creating valuable content which is distributed and used as a promotion that attracts a particular target audience and converts it as customers. It can be in the form of blog posts, product review and many more.

d) Influencer Marketing

It is one type of internet marketing where you need to work with influencers online to advertise ad particular product or service. This influencer can be in the form of a celebrity, sports celebrity, field experts and many more.

e) Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is vitally about online referral marketing. In this marketing, you need to allot commission in every individual or website that make traffic or sales on your business.

f) Email Marketing

It is a type of marketing strategy where you send various emails to people to attract new customers and to retain the current ones.

g) Paid Advertising

It is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay to make advertisements appear on various search engines or other platforms such as social media networks. If you’re familiar with Pay Per Click or PPC, it is an excellent example of paid advertising.

What is online and offline marketing?

In Offline marketing, a variety of mediums are used to promote products or services. It can be in the form of radio or tv advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, and other print advertising. In Online, various techniques and strategies are used to promote products or services which offer accurate conversion results.

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