Open a Bank Account In Germany With N26

Open a Bank Account In Germany With N26

How to Open A Bank Account in Germany With N26 ?

To open a bank account in Germany was never been an easy task. Especially, when you are not located in the same city. If a person was abroad, a legal service by a notary or also a lawyer would be mandatory to complete the bureaucracy procedures.

From now on, FORGET all what you knew about banks. And also allow us to share with you what we found out about the first pioneer in this field.

 Open A Bank Account in GermanyThe innovative idea for a useful startup to make things much easier for the potential customers, been the main idea of N26 co-founder. And also CEO Valentin Stalfthatdeclared to make his startup to be active in 17 countries across Europe. Within 10 months as started, N26 join 80,000 new customers to their bank. As today (this article is from May 2017) is consider to be one of the best options to open a bank  account in Europe. All thanks to their customer-friendly app, low fees, and useful integrations like Transfer wise. Also their kind approach for customers who interested to placed their investment component in N26 bank account located in Germany or Austria.

The main advantage in this new bank service in Germany is those customers don’t need to appear physically in the branch.

In order to open the N26 bank account and become also a customer with a European bank account, the potential customer needs to apply with the following details:

1. Customer requires using a smartphone running iOS9 or Android 4.4 or higher.

2. Customer requires also having an official addressand to be a resident inside European Union or EEA countries.

3. And customer requires one of the following citizenship (together with an official address in European Union or EEA).

The following citizen from the countries bellow may open an account in N26. The countries are:

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China/Hong Kong, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and also USA.

In matter of fact, anyone who apply to the above terms, may open an Bank account  in Germany at N26. Either he/she is EU OR NON EU citizens. All they need is, to have an official resident in the European Union or EEA.


To be able to open an N26 Bank account, customer will need to provide a mailing address to allow the bank send a MasterCard in one of the countries that N26 is operating.

As for today N26 provides service in all the Eurozone nations (except Malta and Cyprus, as those countries are NOT included).

N26 operates in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Greece, France, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and also Slovenia.

So, if customer is interested to open a European bank account in Germany, opening an account in N26 bank is extremely easy and also done in three stages:

1.Filling out the online subscription form

2.Doing an ID confirmation, either through

  • Remote ID confirmation through N26 app, or
  • ID confirmation at a German post office

3.Pairing a smartphone with Customer account


Open A Bank Account in Germany

The first and thirds steps will be the same for customer who wish to apply to open N26 account. However, the next step will be depending on the customer nationality and residency. As later will be explained properly, who is allowed and able to get a verification and also own a N26 bank account.

Open A Bank Account in Germany

1 . Register Online

Regardless the customer nationality and residency, customer may fill out the N26 registration form. Open Your Account from here >>>(putlink)

If customer applies, it’s better that this form will be done from the country which customer hold the citizenship. For example – If a customer hold Russian citizenship, the best place application need to be fill out is from Russia. This apply particularly if customer is not located in the European union/EEA. The main reason we recommend this action is, as the app remember the IP that the customer use while register to N26.

The location which customer subscribes with will determine the charges and also features for N26 consideration “forever”. In the case customer will proceed to another European Union country in the future.

As customer fill up the forms, N26 will request to enter the customer:

open a bank account in Germany

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country where you live
  • Date of birth
  • Password
  • Phone number (can be from any country, however not a virtual number like Skype)
  • And mailing address (for sending the customer MasterCard – utilization of a C/O address is fine. Some customers request the MasterCard to be send to a friend or also family member)

Customer also will be asked for “the genuine legal stuff” (standard AML – anti-illegal tax avoidance – questions), which includes customer details such as:

  • Gender
  • Job title and industry
  • City of birth
  • Nationality
  • Tax residency (country where customer pay tax)
  • And tax ID number where customer tax resident is (optional)

Finally, customer has to approve and agree to N26 terms and conditions, and optionally select into product upgrades and some personal privacy settings.

Once the customer proved an email, he/she may get on the profile and choose which N26 plan the customer is interested in.

The customer may decide where the N26 account will be situated in, either Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia Or Ireland. As Customer may select from either N26 OR either  N26 black.

As customer decides to locate the account in the located countries, Germany or Austria. Customer may also apply for N26 Business account, as all account in other European countries. Customer will not have any other option than regular N26 account plan.


2. ID verification

The following step is confirming the Customer identification. Whether Customer can certainly do this in the N26 app in just a matter of minutes. Or when customer have to go to a German post office, relies on upon your nationality and ID archives.

IDnow, is N26 bank’s identity confirmation partner, which will provide the final confirmation support to the following passports and Identification cards:

By using the biometric basic safety features either on the passport or on the ID. IDnow will provide the final confirmation via a video call. It will be via N26 app, or other IP solution that N26 work with to receive the final confirmation.

The customer passport must have biometric ID and passport.

If the customer holds one of the passports or identification cards in the above countries list, he/she has nothing to be concerned.


2.1 Remote opening of N26 Bank account (IDnow technique)

Customer could choose to validate his/her identification in the net web browser, or on customer iOS or Google Android device. If customer wishes to use just a laptop, he/she must make sure the laptop has a good webcam and good light conditions. Mobile cameras have a tendency to be somewhat better. However great – preferably natural – lighting is as yet important for the ID confirmation to work.

Customer must be sure to have:

  • Passport or Identification card (based on the list above)
  • A smartphone with working telephone number that customer has joined previously
  • And a peaceful location to have an instant video tutorial call – customer will need to be interacting with an individual

When customer initiates the call, usually be associated with an agent without too much small talk, as the agent will verify the identity. Only on few occasions, customer may have to wait, as the video call takes about 5-8 minutes.

Customer video confirmation is between 8 am and midnight – +1 GMT (Germany time zone).

During the call, customer will be asked to check a couple details from customer subscription form. As well as typing in a code sent to the telephone number customer enlisted with. Customer will also be asked to demonstrate ID report to the camera in various angles so that the agent can confirm that it’s genuine.

Note that the call will take place within the N26 and IDnow systems.


2.2 ID confirmation at a post office (PostIdent method)

Unless customer have one of the Identification documents in the above list, the customer only remaining ID verification alternative will be the PostIdent method. It is also very practical if you are moving into Germany or are preparing to visit Germany.

The customer will need to visit Germany and also to confirm his/her identity in the following options:

  1. Once customer at the video ID verification step tap the “I want to do it per PostIdent in Germany” link.
  2. Customer will need to click the “Send me the coupon per email” catch.
  3. Print out the PostIdent coupon customer will receive by email.
  4. Bring the coupon, customer ID confirmation, and residency evidence to nearest German post office. Some shops generally don’t give the PostIdent benefit, so you ought to search out an official Deutsche Post office. The service is totally free.
  5. Wait a day or two until customer will get an email from N26 about account being read.


3. Pairing the smartphone

The ultimate step to activating your account is to match the customer smartphone. It requires performing iOS9 or more (iPhone 4S or newer), or Google Android 4.4 or more.

Customer will need to download the N26 app and sign in. Since his/her bank account isn’t yet combined with a telephone, customer will need to be led through the steps when he/she opens up the app.

Customer will also need to make sure the number he/she entered through the activation is accurate and click confirm. Afterward, customer will get a four-digit confirmation code via Text message and type in it in the app.

If the customer wants to change the number he/she recorded with, customer will just need to contact N26 support and N26 give you the support.

Once customer has attached his/her smartphone, customer may use the smartphone with verify trades such as SEPA exchanges, Money beat. Activating the MasterCard or Maestro cards, and also many other activities.

Getting a new N26 MasterCard via mail.

In particular, customer may use the MasterCard in the following ways:

  • To activate or also deactivate foreign payments independently,
  • To enable or disable Internet payments independently,
  • Lock and also unlock independently (An interesting function, in case of losing this card – with other cards, you must call Customer Service and until days later you receive (with a charge) the new card),
  • To lock and unlock cash withdrawals (If you wish, you can make this adjustment directly at the ATM, so the specifications will be applied immediately).




If you wish to open a bank account in Germany, with many benefits such as English and also German support, no monthly maintenance fee. International redraws with a MasterCard, been the first among your friends that do all banking activities from the smartphone.

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