More than 49% of people which click on paid ads are more likely to use the website services than those who came from an organic link.

Google Ad is the best option for customers who are looking for a service or product online

PPC campaign for any business is a fast return on investment method. Effective Campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and social media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) can generate high traffic for any business. PPC can be an immediate boost, however together with search engine optimization (SEO), this winning formula will be the best approach for long-term growth.

Offer2Check Pay Per Click campaign, ensure that money invested by our customers, will get the best possible results.

Retargeting Ads

A potential customer might find your website and continue surfing the net without making a purchase., we are here to bring them back … As we all know, a customer might find any website, select a product,  add it to the basket, but will not complete the purchase… What a pity!

Offer2Check is here to create for our customers retargeting campaigns, to “follow” the customer after they leave your site.

By using advanced technology, we will make sure the potential customer who visit your website, find the way back to visit your site. Offer2Check knowledge and efficiency to remarket our customer business, as an ad for a product or services. Our client business logo will appear in their browser, recaptures the potential customer attention, and nudges them back to the client website. Offer2Check ensure to drives more sales back to our customers, despite having different ads for many products or pages, by let our customers know exactly how their visitors behave throughout the entire campaign.