71% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business service AFTER following the brand on social media.

For many businesses today the social media is much more than an opportunity to post fun pictures. Many businesses realized that to match the internet developments, they must use social media as a tool to generate income and brand awareness.

Adapting to Social Media Marketing (SMM) is progressing, as its becoming a powerful online marketing resource for any business. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter may dynamically expose businesses which want to offer their services. Most Search Engines such as Google and Bing starts to integrate Tweets, profiles, updates, and comments into their search results, recognizing the importance of social interaction in our life.

Social media, in general, provides a remarkably valuable channel to reach the business targeted audience with different purposes, that’s why social media has become a formidable tool for marketing.


Offer2Check will build a strategy that sets up businesses for success and integrates with knowledge which reserved only for our customers. We believe that social media profiles are much more than just a photo.

The main idea is to create social media campaigns that MUST be effective !!

Offer2Check built campaigns as we configuring and set the backend scenes on channels such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, while we keep them always updated. To build new social channels from scratch, or update existing channels, do require a strong based on marketing and social media best practices. The channels Offer2Check will decide to focus on is a direct result of analyzing each special business needs properly. Offer2Check will execute the effective social media campaign after we will nail down the marketing strategy that suite the business budget and goals.

We let our customers focus on their daily business needs, by shifting the time consuming social media management from their shoulders.  Our services include messaging customers, content planning and setting campaigns schedule. We also respond to comments & reviews this action encourage engagement with our customer brands

Offer2Check will oversee every aspect of social strategy, execute an excellent campaign, while you can focus on core business functions.

To make a long story short… We are here to CRUSH your competitors, so are you interested?