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About Us - Offer2Check

A Premier Digital Marketing Partner For Big And Small Businesses

Our agency firmly believes that sustainable growth starts with a strong marketing foundation. Our digital marketing agency was established in 2016. We primarily provide services and help clients with implementing strategy, branding and building your online presence. We also offer services in managing your systems which are connected with your business processes. With our help, you can have more time for yourself and be confident about how to get more clients. When all things are settled, and your strong marketing foundation is established, we can help you in maintaining the stability of your business processes through monthly services.

Our agency is known as a full-service digital marketing firm. We are well-recognized in providing efficient services such as internet marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, content writing, web designing, and web hosting. These services are applicable in large or small businesses which aim to convey their messages in the online corporate world effectively.

Our company started with a one-man shop and bloomed to be a full-service digital marketing firm. Nowadays, it’s important to ask a team of experts for assistance regarding the development of your business through the internet world. With their strategies and technical expertise, giving your business a digital edge is always possible.

As our agency blooms, we effectively obtain these ideas which bring us to the peak of success. These are;
* Personalized Attention
* Big-picture thinking
* Highest quality standards
* Exceeding client expectations
* Results-focused innovation

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Why Choose Us?

We value your preference and needs; that’s why we listen and come up with the most effective results which can bring success to your business. As a digital marketing firm, we want to effectively reach each of our client’s goals regarding its business. When goals are set, our team will set significant steps to build your website while meeting your goals.

1. We Cherish Integrity

In making everything work effectively, our team strongly believe that integrity, honesty and a sincere heart for others are the primary values we should practice to have effective collaborations. We won’t lie to get your business. We will not introduce or sell something that’s not significantly needed. In our agency, we will treat you with respect and kindness. The way it should be and also far too often is not.

2. We Offer SEO

The art of being found in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If in case your website is prominently located on the search engines, prospect customers will bring their businesses elsewhere. Most of our clients make an effort to pay for the whole site for the first month to generate new business leads which are derived from our SEO efforts.

3. We Provide Excellent Web Designs

While creating your website, we are working with the most effective web designs and place your business as a top player in your industry and outshine all of your competitors. By creating outstanding web designs, you can obtain credibility with all of your customers which can help in your business growth in the future.

4. We Effectively utilize WordPress

In building your site, we used to manage all content of your website in the best open source CMS called WordPress. Through this tool, we can do unlimited addition of posts, images, pages, media and many more. No need to pay for site updates because you can do it by yourself. One of our team can teach you how, for FREE.

5. We Generate an Effective Code

Aside from making the website, we also make sure that your site is applicable in any web browser. We always make sure that our codes are tested in any browser that is available which can be IE7-9, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Even you are using a desktop, iPhone, iPad or Mac, and we strongly believe that your website should work and load properly. To attain this, we utilize time to hand code all available sites with the help of cross-compatibility and the latest technology.

6. We Measure Our Success

Through visitor tracking, we can determine if everything is working and what is not. For you to find out the standing of your website, monthly reports are accurately emailed, and you can access the full traffic data online.

7. We Accurately Deliver

Regarding business, we fully understand that time is money. As we accept the task, our team set realistic deadlines and accurately follow it. As the project goes, we update you regularly and report the ongoing progress and deliver the projects on the said deadline.


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“Great experience so far. They have increased our sales and productivity tremendously. I personally want to thank you for patience and diligence in promptly meeting each of our requests for the site during its development”.


“Offer2Check, is a fantastic solution for all your marketing requirements. They are simply too good with their design and social media marketing, and can do literally anything and everything related to it. Excellent work, very creative. handles my social media account very well. They have done 2 branding projects beautifully. I have recommended them to a lot of people.

These guys are the best!”


“The team at Offer2Check are extremely talented and professional. They took out time to understand our requirements and give us exactly what we wanted. Truly innovative and friendly folks. They provided brilliant digital strategy and continually made creative suggestions enabling us to remain in complete control of the planning. We are very happy with the results, our corporate branding looks sleek and modern, same thing applies to our website. They also delivered a great market research which helped us to create a stellar marketing strategy. Would highly recommend to anyone.”



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