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Let Offer2Check make a Responsive Web Design for your Business

Are you experiencing trouble when your website is browsed through a mobile phone? Let Offer2Check create a responsive web design for your business. As a leading digital marketing agency, one of our goals is to make your website properly viewed regardless of the device used. Devices such as iPad, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

What is Responsive in Web Design?

Nowadays, most of the website owners prefer having a mobile version of their site. By having this version, all types and sizes of screen resolutions are compatible with your website. To make this happen, a responsive web design is what we need. It is a development process where it makes the website design compatible with any orientation. Or screen size, and platform. To make this happen, developers utilize cascading style sheet (CSS), flexible grids and images.

mobile laptop tablet responsive web design

What makes a website Responsive?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your website Responsive when your site fits on the entire user’s screen. Your site is responsive if it intelligently crops some information displayed. And the web design is adjusted to enhance the visitor’s experience while browsing your website.

By having responsive web design, you can make your website mobile-friendly. You can also enhance its looks at different sizes of screens. By making your site responsive, visitors can spend a significant time browsing your website. This web design can also boost your ranking in search engines.

In Offer2Check, we aim your satisfaction. And we always make sure that your website is appropriately viewed regardless of mobile device or screen size.

What is the difference between responsive and adaptive web design?

As mentioned, responsive web design offers a maximum viewing experience regardless of the device used by the user. In Adaptive web design, there are a variety of layouts available for multiple screen sizes. These layouts are used depending on what does the screen size is used by the visitor. Particular designs are designated for mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablet. In Adaptive web design, the website will first detect what type of device is used and set the layout for that device.

To make your website responsive, you need to have a broad knowledge with CSS to make sure that the website will work regardless of the screen size of the visitor. In adaptive, there are corresponding layouts for any screen size which is easier than making a layout that works for any device.

Although Adaptive Web design is more comfortable to create, there is no assurance that it will display efficiently. Unlike with responsive web design, we can guarantee that your website will display effectively in any screen size. It is more flexible to have your site as responsive. And it can work on its own unlike adaptive which are mostly need some maintenance.

In terms of loading time, responsive is faster than adaptive. In adaptive, the website needs to load all layouts while responsive will only load one layout which is applicable in all screen size.

all devices responsive web design

Benefits of responsive web design

Aside from it gives flexibility on different devices, this design can save time and cost. By doing a single layout for all devices, it is helpful as the owner of the website to manage and maintain a single site. By having your website as responsive, you can quickly optimize and edit your website. It can also be more visible in search engines and high conversion rates.

If you want your website to have responsive web design, let Offer2Check do it for you.


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