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Achieve great conversions through our E-commerce Optimization Services

Do you want to achieve more sales at the end of the month? Let Offer2Check provides our E-commerce Optimization Services for your business. Our agency fully understands that e-commerce seller or merchant has only one big goal, that is to get more sales. We also know that conversions matter to your business because it generates revenue and profit. In this service, let our company help you achieve significant results which can sooner be converted as revenue.

What is E-commerce Optimization?

E-commerce Optimization is a marketing strategy where it determines what a particular customer is trying to look for and present your service or products which eventually can be transformed into a lead or sale. In this strategy, upsells are applicable which can bring more profit to each conversion.

In this marketing strategy, each element of your website is optimized from the navigation, homepage up to purchasing. Through effective optimization, customers can experience a smooth and manageable experience at your site.

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What is a good e-commerce conversion rate?

Through E-commerce Optimization, you can assure that you’re reaching a significant rate. But, how can you identify if your conversion rate is good enough? If you’re experiencing 5% or 10% conversion rates? Is that rates good enough for you? According to industries, 2.35% conversion rate is achieved by an average landing page and those who are on the top used to have 5.31% or higher. Generally, you can obtain a higher conversion rate if you’re knowledgeable with conversion rate optimization.

How do you optimize conversion rate?

If you want to increase your conversion rates significantly, you need to feed your website with great tactics and E-commerce Optimization which can eventually change the performance but your conversion rate as well. By making significant changes at your sites, the business can generate an increase to its conversion rate.

In your homepage, you can emphasize some links on your product or services information. You can also consider having a sign-up button or an active chatbox where visitors can ask questions or inquiries during their browsing time. At your pricing page, you can add excellent features of a particular product along with the price. We can also use variations such as price per year and put a space for a price quotation inquiry box where visitors can ask and put their phone number as well.

Utilizing a blog can also increase your conversion rate. Through an article, you can invite readers to know your industry better. We can put an option where visitors need to submit an email address in exchange for a report or ebook about your expertise. We can also utilize product videos in presenting your products and services. We can upload your videos on YouTube and link it back to your website which can generate every time people search for your product name.

Another strategic way to optimize your conversion rate is through landing pages. Building landing pages are quite, but it is proven effective in generating a higher conversion rate. We can do a particular page where it offers or highlights the possible benefits of your products. These landing pages can become a possible lead which can be converted to a sale.

If you want to know more about E-commerce Optimization, you can freely contact Offer2Check.

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