Find Cheap Train and Bus Tickets in Europe

Find Cheap Train and Bus Tickets in Europe

This article is for both people who live in Europe and wish to travel in the domestic country they are living in, or wish to travel to another country nearby … Or even if you are arriving to Europe from other continent to visit places, family, business or just make new friends.

Europe during all year long, have many travellers and tourists who are visiting the continent. Some people land in one country as they wish to continue travel to other countries in Europe, to experience different cultures, languages. Architecture, sport events, cuisines and many other reasons.

With this effective article, team will try to assist you how find the right transportation between Point A to Point B, according to your needs. Some people are interested in the fastest way to reach the destination, some are looking for the cheapest way to buy train tickets or bus in Europe.

By buying Train or Bus tickets online might save you not only time in waiting in train station cashier, but also you may reserve the ticket before all tickets will run out. You can avoid reaching the train station or bus station. And you can find out that you have no empty seat for you to take the ride. By ordering online, you may print the ticket or even save the ticket on your smartphone.


How to buy a cheap train tickets in Europe?

There are few European websites frequently sell tickets at lower prices.


For example, if you interested to purchase train tickets in Germany, the local train company Deutsche Bahn provide you with fair offers for trains inside Germany and to major location in Europe. The company offers an English and German language to find the right deal for you. All you need is to place the right date and hour for the train you interested to take. And Deutsche Bahn (DB) system will provide you with options and rates. You may book the ticket and not worried about the ticket anymore.

The website link is:


French Railways often provides lower prices on its website for local domestic tickets. Same as the German national train company, the French railways offers good deals inside France and to neighbor countries.


Rail Europe

Offers and cover most of the European countries, with train rates to countries such as Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and many others.

The company will check for you the deal which domestic train company offers, as you can buy the tickets online. We also advise you to check with national train companies, as sometimes the domestic train companies offer more route and cheaper offers.


Eurail is one of the most popular ways to travel across Europe by train. The company offers Eurail Pass, which the customer may travel in few European countries with the same EURail Pass. There are 28 countries that you may purchase a EUrail pass. And you can limit the pass to few countries bordering with each other. The pass is for amount of days that you wish to travel with train. To check the options, you may check the options EUrail offers and purchase the ticket online.



Offers train traveling as company compare the prices between 86 train companies. Provide fair offers and slowly getting into the market with strong campaigns. The company offers online real time tickets, which customer can reserve and purchase. Using the train travel system is very easy as you can also see the train company name, find the best choice of routes, times and fares. Also offers apps and 5 language websites attract more than 45 million visits each month.



Many customers can not afford the train rates. So they are willing to compromise on the fastest way, by using the service of a bus.

However, Flixbus does offer many advantages that train not always can offers…

Flixbus offers over 100,000 daily connections to over 1,000 destinations in 20 European countries. The low rates together with Free Wifi and electric sockets in each bus, make the travel much more easier as the kind drivers also stop the bus after some distance for a short break. Before the travelers are continue forward to the destination they wish to reach.

The company offers a Multi-language website with over than 15 languages.

Many travelers prefer to travel with limited budget and with been connected to the internet with no extra expenses. There for a bus can be a great solution.


Many overseas visitors are wishing to get the best option that the train websites offer. Most of them will find ordinary point-to-point tickets are a cheaper option. Especially when they book tickets directly with the European rail websites as it much more attractive that purchase this via travel agency.

Finding the right timing is the most intuitive way to find the perfect time travel for any European rail journey you may choose. We advise you to visit the websites which has comprehensive listings for all major European train companies. Some websites bring difficulties for tourists to purchase a ticket for their travel.


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Before you booking your tickets at DB, French Train Company, RailEurope, EUrail, TrainLine or Flixbus, make sure that you have the right dates as some will not be so fixable to changes.


We wish you safe travel and we would appreciate if you leave a comment on our blog. With a feedback related to your experience in traveling in Europe.

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