ING DiBa Bank Company Overview


ING-DiBa AG is a Direct Bank (OnLine bank), which provides various banking products and financial services in 3 major fields:

  • Commercial Banking,
  • Retail Customer Loans,
  • and retail Customer Assetsand.


The company was founded in 1965. At the beggining the company was named as Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG, however in June 2004 changed its name to ING-DiBa AG. The headquartered of ING-DiBa AG is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. ING-DiBa AG is a subsidiary of ING Deutschland GmbH. This Bank is the German arm of the Dutch lender ING.

ING-DiBa is third largest retail bank in Germany with its more than 8 million private customers. Bank offers to customers a wide range of services and products. The basis of bank business is savings, brokerage, consumer loans, mortgages, and current accounts for individual customers. Currently the bank ING -DiBa has about € 17bn of outstanding corporate loans.
The target of bank model is providing products with a high cost efficiency and of course low costs. The direct bank stayed over the years with what it knew worked well. Simple and attractively priced products with no small print and also no hidden fees. The German business magazine “€uro” awarded ING-DiBa the title Germany’s “Beliebteste Bank 2016” (the most popular bank institution). The main goal of ING-DiBa is to double its market share in German retail banking (currently is around 6 percent), by 2030.


ING DiBa Advantages:

ING DiBa Account Features:

  • Monthly costs – 0 € per month (free)
  • Opening an account opening is possible also through the Internet
  • 50,00 € bonus for new customers
  • There is no minimum monthly deposit required
  • Maestro EC card (electronic cash) 0 € per month (free)
  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • Free securities account
  • Free cash withdrawals inside Germany and also other countries using the currency Euro


* Bookings & transfers: free of charge. Whether you are requesting an online payment, transfer money by telephone or making payments from ING-DiBa’s check account, there will be no additional for the customer.

* Credit and EC / Girocard: Both types of cards are included for € 0.00. Partner cards are also available free of charge on request.

* Free of charge Cash: Get to almost 90% of all German ATMs equipped with the Visa symbol and all Visa machines in countries with euro currency. For example, appropriate machines can be used by all major branch banks such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Volks and Raiffeisenbank or the savings banks if a visa is applied.

* Overdrafts are tolerated. The interest rate is 6.99% pa and is immediately available to all customers without an extra request.

* ING-DiBa Check: You can submit a check by post only. Just send your check to the bank. Additional costs do not arise. The check is possible free of charge.

* Daily money account: The ING-DiBa daily money account can be opened as an option and is currently 0.75% significantly more attractive than offers of comparable direct banks.

* 50 € credit for first salary above 1,000 €

*The credit will be given to all new account customers if at least two monthly payments of at least € 1,000 are made in the form of salary, pension or other payments within four months after opening. The premium payment is made four weeks after the fulfillment of the prerequisite. Important: Since March 2017, the ING-DiBa daily money account has been required to receive the bonus. If it has not already been requested at the opening of the account, it must be activated at the latest to the payment of the 50 € salary bonus. There are other checking accounts with premiums in my comparison.

* ING-DiBa Joint account

* For account as an ING-DiBa Joint Account or ING-DiBa Partners Account, both account holders must be registered under the same address and do not have any negative Schufa report.

The terms of the Joint  account are the same to those of the DiBa check account. Both account holders will have the same rights same as in a check account.

An ING-DiBa account is always free for everyone – if you are a student or not.




ING DiBa – Excellent bank for international students who a bank account in Germany.

An ING-DiBa account is always free for everyone – the same for student and also the same for non-student people.

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