NETBANKCompany Overview


Netbank AG  is a Direct Bank (OnLine bank), which provides a range of banking products and also services in Germany.

The company offers:

  • deposit products
  • including current accounts
  • checking accounts
  • savings accounts
  • also savings bonds
  • and fixed deposit accounts


It provides installment loans, small loans, repayment loans, also credit for self-employed. Mortgages, prepaid credit cards and precious metals too.


The beginning of NETBANK was in 1998. We can say that it was first European bank fully working via internet. The goal of NETBANK was checking and studying need of individuals – private clients. This bank prepared various portfolio of different financial services. The one of the most important goal is “giro loyal” – account with integrated money market account. The main strategy of this financial institution is bringing new customers and also reward them with bonuses. Existing loyal customers of bank are getting benefits too.

Their main location is in Hamburg, Germany. As of November 17, 2015, netbank AG operates as a subsidiary of Augsburger Aktienbank AG.


Netbank Advantages:

Netbank Account Features:

  • Monthly costs – 0 € per month (free)
  • There is no minimum monthly deposit required
  • All accounts get a prepaid card 0 € per month (free)
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Free cash withdrawals at cash machines with pool girocard
  • Free execution of standing orders and credit transfers
  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • Prepaid Card comes with a preloaded €20 value
  • €50 bonus upon joining (*an account maintains a minimum monthly deposits of minimum €400)
  • A MasterCard classic is 20 €/year. The annual charge of 20€ might be free if the account is making over €4,000 annual turnover (available also to all Netbank accounts).
  • 5 free international cash withdrawals via their account MasterCard per month
  • No Student account, as all accounts are already free 0 € per month
  • 0.25% interest on the money market account from the first euro



Netbank provides free accounts to all. No minimum account balance.

Also worldwide cash withdrawals, and everything else an international student would need in Euro bank account, remains a viable option.

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