Comdirect Bank

Comdirect Bank Company Overview


Comdirect bank Aktiengesellschaft is a Direct Bank (OnLine bank). This bank provides various banking products and financial services in 2 major fields:

  • Commercial Banking (B2B),
  • and Business to Customer (B2C).


The headquartered of Comdirect Bank is in Quickborn, Germany. Comdirect bank Aktiengesellschaft is a subsidiary of Commerzbank AG.

The German Comdirect bank AG is a member of the Comdirect Group and works in model – business to customer (B2C). Also the bank expanded in B2B business. Comdirect is one of the leading direct bank. This Bank is also the online market leader in securities business for modern investors, banking offering brokerage and also of course advice. The bank brokerage services allow customers to deal with funds, stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and contracts for difference (CFD).

The banking services include deposit accounts. The offered consulting services also include investment credits and installment credits. The Company operates through its subsidiary OnVista AG, an Internet service provider and brokerage company too.

In 1997 online banking of Comdirect bank started and in 2002 bank focused on a virtual branch. This financial institution expanded also in the central and eastern part of the Europe. For example from countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, bank has more than 4.5 millions satisfied customers using its services and products.

Many private customers are trusting in the financial institution. The Customer Service of Comdirect bank is working nonstop, it means 24 hours per day.


Comdirect Advantages:

Comdirect Account Features:

  • Monthly costs – 0 € per month (free)
  • Opening an account opening is possible also through the Internet
  • Free Maestro debit card and free Visa card 0 € per month
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide with Visa card abroad
  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Service




Comdirect – Free cost and suitable bank for international students who want to have a bank account in Germany.

An comes with a credit card, that allow to maintain the account online. Offer free money withdrawals worldwide.

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