DKB Bank

DKB-CASH-Bank – Company Overview


DKB – Deutsche Kreditbank AG is a Direct Bank (OnLine bank), which provides banking solutions to private and business customers primarily in Germany.


The Bank’s product range may include:

  • student loans,
  • checking and savings accounts,
  • consumer credit,
  • construction financing,
  • investment products,
  • property buy/rent services,
  • and more.


DKB Bank offers debit and credit cards and Internet banking services.

The company was founded in 1990 as first private bank in GDR (the German Democratic Republic). In 1994, the German Federal Ministry of Finance took ownership to its hands. Currently owner of DKB Bank is the Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB) with headquarter in Berlin, Germany.


We can say that DKB is the best solution for you if you are friend with online banking. DKB provides you free cash withdrawals across the world. Customer Service of DKB Bank is provided by phones, emails and letters. They have a 24/7 emergency number that will help you out with any problem. No branch offices. If you travel a lot DKB is great an option for you. With DKB Cash you can get an ec-card which comes in handy whenever you don’t want to pay in cash. Such as a perfect solution for places where credit cards are not accepted. When withdrawing is from a non-Euro currency, DKB offers very fair the currency exchange rate, so you do not have to be afraid about exchange rate eating up on your withdrawals.


DKB-CASH Advantages:


DKB-CASH Account Features:

  • Monthly costs – 0 € per month (free)
  • Opening an account opening is possible through the Internet only
  • There is no minimum monthly deposit required
  • All accounts get a Visa card 0 € per month (free)
  • Free cash withdrawals across the world
  • No-Risk Guarantee
  • Free securities account


DKB-CASHMost favorite bank for international students who want to have a bank account in Germany.

Bank is not require student status in order to get an account which means there is no need make changes upon graduation.

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